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1. What is the total area of Future Park Rangsit Shopping Plaza? What is the proportion of spaces, invested by the Fund, per the total spaces available? Why the remaining spaces are not included in the Fund?

Total spaces of the Future Park Rangsit Shopping Plaza equal 179,156.61 square meters, and the proportion of spaces, invested by the Fund, equal 29 percent of the total spaces, or 52,573.09 square meters. Other spaces, not included in the Fund are mostly under long-term leases, under some advance payments for leases. In addition, the monthly rental income from these spaces is relatively low, so these spaces have not been included in the Fund. When these long-term leases expire, the Fund will be entitled to the Right of First Refusal by Rangsit Plaza Co., Ltd., for the whole or partial leases of these spaces.

2. Who is a major rival for the Future Park Rangsit Shopping Plaza? Are there any impacts on the Shopping Plaza, including the assets being leased out to the Fund, due to the relocation of Don Muaeng to Suvarnabhumi International Airports?

In a 20-kilometer radius, there is no direct rival to the Future Park Shopping Plaza. Zeer Rangsit and Central Lat Phrao Department Stores are not seen as the direct rivals. Zeer Rangsit has been promoted as an IT Center, while Central Department Store is located further away from the Future Park Rangsit. Both offered services to different target groups. Impacts from the airport relocation would be only minimal, because its target customers are mainly students, private company employees and business proprietors. There are 22 educational institutions in the vicinity, amid the high growth rates of housing and industrial estate development. The interchange construction in front of the Shopping Plaza will be completed by mid-2008, which will markedly ease traffic congestion, and facilitate accesses to the Shopping Plaza.

3. What would be the process of rental increase, and frequency?

The rental increase comes from existing contract renewals or new contracts. Normal they are generally under the 1-year and 3-year tenors.

4. Who are the anchor tenants of the Fund? How do they pay rents? How long are the lease periods?

Anchor tenants mostly pay for fixed rents, as agreed, not under revenue sharing basis. The general lease period is three years, subject for renewal for a period of 9-15 years.

5. What would be the main thrusts for rental growth?

Rentals can be increased by the end of lease contracts, and under renovation and modernization of leased spaces as demanded by customers.

6. Can the Fund expand the promotion area?

Yes, the Fund can expand the promotion area, as it deems appropriate. However, allocation of too much spaces for the promotion area for leases would lead to the overcrowded areas and poor image.

7. What would be the future renovation plan of FUTUREPF?

FUTUREPF has set a plan for renovation, under total budget of Baht 300 million in five years, which has been reflected in the projection of dividend payments.

8. Will the lease contract of the shopping plaza be subject to renewal? Will there be any expenses for contract renewal?

In case where Rangsit Plaza Co., Ltd., as the building owner, can renew the land lease contract with the landowner, the Fund will be entitled to the First Right of Refusal for the lease contract renewal by the company. Any future expenses for contract renewal will be under future agreements between the Fund and Rangsit Plaza Co., Ltd.

9. After the 20-year lease period, would NAV of the Fund become zero?

Yes, if the lease contract cannot be renewed, NAV of the Fund will become zero.

10. If the contract were not renewed, what would be the impacts on the unitholders?

There will be no impacts on the unitholders, as they will receive dividends from investment unit holding, based on the values of the 20-year lease contracts.

11. What will the future investment policy of the Fund?

In the future, the Fund Management Company will focus on investment in the acceptance of ownership right transfer and/or leaserights of commercial property, or any other kinds of property. Initially, the Fund Management Company will focus on investment or acquisition of shopping plaza and/or any other property in retail trade, under present and future ownership and/or occupation rights of Rangsit Plaza Co., Ltd., and/or its related persons. The Fund will be entitled to the Right of First Refusal for the purchase and/or acceptance of transfers of ownership rights, and/or occupation rights from Rangsit Plaza Co., Ltd.