Performance Highlight
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2Q2018 Performance : The Fund had Total Income of 252.8 million baht, Net Investment Income of 203.8 million baht, and Distribution Income of 183.8 million baht. Each of them decreased 2%, compared with the same period of last year, which are 258.0, 208.7 and 188.0 million baht, in order.

The Fund also announced a dividend payment for 2Q2018 of 0.347 baht per unit which equals to 6.55% * rate of return (Annualized)

NAV per Unit increased 28.5% from IPO price. As of 30 June 2018 the Fund had Net Asset Value of 6,805.6 million baht or 12.8513 baht per unit.

(Bt. MN)

Remark * Dividend yield based on market price 21.20 baht per unit as of Jul 31st , 2018